Chaos Group

Educational Activities

Milestones for Student Success

April 27, 10:00 - 11:00, Room Mannheim


To all students here at FMX! Are you excited by the great things you are learning at school but overwhelmed by all the choices you should make in order to build a career in CG?


Our first education panel is for you – join us for an hour of presentations, knowledge and experience sharing. Chaos Group Labs Director Chris Nichols will share how CG Labs, our creative think-tank, is cooperating with students and educators on research and future technologies.


Filmakademie graduates Francesco Faranna & Andreas Feix will take the floor to share their experience in creating their acclaimed graduation project Citipati - VES awards student category winner. Francesco will also share the inspiring story of leaving his own business to go back to studying and make a shift in careers.


Don’t miss it!

V-Ray for Educators: Shifting Gears

April 28, 14:00 - 15:00, Room Mannheim

We’ve spoken to professionals, students and educators. We’ve tried and tested different approaches. We are now ready to show you a complete V-Ray Educational policy – one that’s designed to equally instruct and inspire.


During this year’s event we’ll officially launch the new V-Ray for Maya Training Program for Educators, discuss the roadmap of V-Ray education, and get your feedback about your successes and challenges.


The short presentation will be followed by a collaborative discussion on specific teaching approaches and good practices for developing V-Ray classes.


If you are passionate about bringing the latest technologies and the best teaching methods to your classroom, this session is for you.


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